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All components supplied by OKR, are sold without warranty or guarantee.

Please be aware, prices are subject to change at any time.

1. Definitions
The “Customer” means the person, company, corporation who accepts a quotation from the Seller for the sale of Goods or whose order for the Goods is accepted by the Seller. The “Supplier” means OKR. The “Goods” means goods sold by the Supplier to the Customer.


The following terms of delivery and business shall apply to all current and future business terms. We shall not be bound by any terms of purchase issued by the Customer. All offers shall be not binding with regard to prices, delivery options, changes in shape or form, consistency or appearance.

2. Purchase Obligations
By placing the order the Customer shall be bound to purchase the goods. He shall waive any claim for an order confirmation. The Supplier shall at all times be entitled to refuse, in whole or in part, the execution of the orders, without entitlement to compensation by the customer. If necessary, the Supplier can carry out minor changes to the type and implementation of delivery. Should the calculated costs increase considerably between the contract agreement and the delivery, then we shall have the right to a commensurate price increase. The Supplier shall also reserve the right to alter prices following changes in the exchange rates. The price charged will be the price ruling at the time of delivery. Where this is at variance with the price quoted when the Goods were ordered, the Customer will be advised prior to delivery.

3. Terms of Delivery and Payment
The Customer must allow 28 days for delivery should an item not be in stock. Ownership shall pass to the Customer once the Customer has fulfilled all obligations which have arisen from our deliveries. The Supplier invoice is payable by Cash on collection or PayPal before delivery, without any separate written agreements. All goods remain the property of the Supplier until paid in full. Should it be necessary to endure legal action to maintain payment of Goods, the Customer will be liable for all legal costs incurred.

On receipt of the Goods the Customer has responsibility for checking the quantity and condition of the Goods in the presence of the Carrier of those Goods. If there appears to be a shortage, or if the Goods have been received in an unsatisfactory condition through transit, the Customer must be in receipt of the delivery documentation and must give separate written notice thereof to the Supplier within 5 days.

4. Warranties
All components, which are subject to competition, as well as parts used for performance enhancement, shall principally not be subject to warranty claims. In the case of a defect occurring following improper use, attempted repair, damage, or other alterations to the goods implemented by the Customer or third parties, warranty claims shall not be valid. We shall not in any case be liable for assembly costs or any resulting damages.

5. Returned Goods
Parts which have been correctly ordered and delivered shall, in principle, not be accepted as return goods. Goods can only be returned after prior agreement and free of postage charge. Complaints regarding the quantity or condition of the goods shall only be taken into account within 14 days of receipt of the Goods and should be made in writing. Any further claims of any kind shall be excluded.

6. Liability
We shall not be liable for any resultant damages.